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Talks for Sanjay

May 6, 2021

The Lion Within
Christopher Walken is an incredible actor, his voice and expressions are amazing. Well, I guess the message is: don’t hold back.

Christopher Walken | Poolhall Junkies

Self Narrative

How our narrative about our self, our inner dialogue, shapes who we are and how seeing failure as an opportunity to learn makes life into a fun adventure rather than a chore. Moran Cerf interviewed by Tom Bilyeu.


Message for Sanjay on his 21st birthday


Tony Robbins, legendary personal coach, explains how to create self-confidence, and how to get the results you want. (17 min)


Message for Sanjay from Baba – 6th May, 2021


Explanation of the “Human Experience Model” – November 2019
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