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G.C. and L. P. Roy Stories

Apr 9, 2020

Cousins Video Conference – April 12, 2020

Gobindo Chandra Roy and Labanya Prova Roy

Roy Story Outline – please email your content to

A story (i.e. chapter) about each of the nine G.C. & L.P. Roy siblings

Story outline as follows:

  • Introduce the sibling – when and where they were born, and their rank order in the siblings

  • An interesting or funny or memorable story from their childhood. Something that is a part of the ‘family lore’ or describes their personality

  • Their transition to adulthood – who they were married, where they married, lived, etc. What they did as an adult.

  • An interesting or memorable story from their adult years. Something related to family.

  • A description of their children, children’s spouses, and kids/grandkids of the subsequent generations. Names and locations.

  • A picture or two – one of the sibling as a child, and another from the adult years

Ideal length is 2 – 5 pages, but no stringent requirements. As much or as little as you want to write.

Stories should be of the type that are family folklore – the stories that get told and retold at family get-togethers, or stories that highlight the personality of the person in the spotlight, or stories that revolve around growing up in the Roy family home @ 50 TC in Kolkata.

Stories that would make you smile.

The Siblings

Tushar Moi Gupta (Kamala)

Pratibha Sen

Uma Roy

Pratima Sen

Purnima Roy

Biswajit Roy

Satyajit Roy

Ranjit Roy

Sanjit Ray


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