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Apr 18, 2020

This family page relates to my relatives on Ma’s side: The Gooptu Clan.

Rimli and Sid tour Ireland


Web Conference – April 2020

April 18, 2020

Rohan Chicago 2019

Rohan made a historic visit in December 2019. Here we have some discussions between him and Arjun.

Rohan and Arjun discuss Justice.
What makes a good person?

Gooptu Lineage

*Jadabendra Goswami*
Son *Ramnam* ( Alankarbagish)
_ Son
*Lakshmi Narayan Gupta* — wife Bhabani Devi
_ Two Sons
Jagannath Gupta – founder of the deities, died unmarried and *Kriparam Gupta* -wife Champabati
_ Four Sons Krishnachandra Gupta
Gourchandra Gupta
Golokchandra Gupta
*Brindabanchandra Gupta*
_ Two Sons
Gobinda Chandra Gupta
*Dwarkanath Gooptu* ( D Gooptu) — Three sons
*Gopalchandra Gooptu*
Ramchandra Gooptu
Nandalal Gooptu
_ Two Sons – Dijendranath Gooptu
*Fanindranath Gooptu*
__ Four Sons
Ramaprasad Gooptu
Hariprasad Gooptu
Rabiprasad Gooptu
*Amarprasad Gooptu* wife Lalita
__ One daughter and two Sons
*1. Esha Roy*
*2.Debashish Gooptu* wife Chandrima
_ One Son, One daughter
*Angshuman  Gooptu* wife Pooja _Two Sons
Vishnupriyo Gooptu,, and Vivekranjan Gooptu
*Ishani Gooptu  Prakash*
*3 Dipankar Gooptu* wife Dipannita
_ One daughter and one son  
*Radhika Gooptu*
*Aditya Gooptu*