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Dec 26, 2021

Yuval Hariri – no world leaders have any vision for humanity. From the Russell Brand show.


Maejor – soundscapes (3.5 min)
A sample from musician Maejor‘s podcast on Audible called “Maejor Frequency”.


Mass Distraction and Delusion in the Attention Economy

Sean Illing talks with Johann Hari on the Recode podcast about his new book Stolen Focus.


Passion Economy

Thousand True Fans – Kevin Kelly

Christopher Walken – The Lion and the Jackals

Q&A with AI software (GPT-3 Language Model – Demo)

The Importance of Design – Steve Jobs

Self-Concept as Narrative
Moran Cerf interviewed by Tom Bilyeu. How you regard your past experiences, how you recall and formulate them into narratives – this determines how you see yourself and therefore whether you feel inclined to give up or feel motivated to strive. If you want different results, then change the story you tell yourself about what happened in the past, what’s possible in the future and what’s to love about the present moment, the only time in which you can act.

(1 min) link

Moran Cerf and Tom Bilyeu

Richard Feynman
Feynman marvels at how the universe creates such marvels as ourselves, how it spins the web of life and eventually produces something as amazing as us and our minds.

Richard Feynman