The Improvize App

Aug 3, 2020

The Improvize app is a daily mindfulness app that helps you:

discover the one thing you need to do today

Before suggesting where to focus your thoughts, the app let’s you choose which exercise you want to do such as:

  • Record a daily reflection
  • Take a quiz to self-assess your present state of mind
  • Follow a guided meditation to alleviate stress

The app gets to know you over time in order to tailor suggestions and tune the exercises to suit your personality. Your “personality” is understood based on your unique “triggers”, not on the basis of cookie-cutter traits like “extraversion” or “conscientiousness”.

After completing the day’s exercises, the app presents you with suggestions for things you should consider doing today. These suggestions are personalized for you. It’s ultimately your decision where to focus.

By providing a short list of suggested actions based on many calculations and filters, the app makes it more likely you will discover the most valuable thing you can do today such as:

  • Nurture a relationship with ____ (a specific person)
  • Work on your skills for ____ (a specific skill)
  • Meditate to feel centered (with specific guidance)

The app is transparent about the “decision rules” and data it uses to make the suggestions. If the options seem “not inapplicable”, you can update your profile settings to get more relevant suggestions.

The app also tracks your progress so that at the end of the week or month, you can see a report of your progress and (sometimes) your missed opportunities.

Keeping track of what went wrong and what caused it is a valuable way to learn about yourself. If you find a pattern, knowing this will  prepare you to reach out for help (whether family, friends or mental health professionals).